Meet the Cougar Mountain Ranch geldings

Raskel E

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\"\"Gelding: CMR Raskel E
DOB:May 15,2001
  ABC and ICHO eligible
Sire: Picante ABC P-1282 (F)
Dame: Heaven’s Destiny ABC HB-130
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Chocolad E

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\"\"Gelding: CMR Chocolad E
DOB: May 16.2001
  ABC and ICHO eligible
Sire: Picante ABC P-1282 (F)
Dame: WCC Dolly P. ABC P-2234
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Silver King

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\"\"Gelding: CMR Silver  King  F 
DOB: May 01.2002
  ABC  3105  ICHO  306-D
Sire: DDC  Traveler  ABC  2450, ICHO 142-D
Dame: Juper’s Silver  ABC  3104
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Wilderness Prince

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\"\"Gelding: CMR  Wilderness  Prince  F
DOB: May 20.2003
  ABC  3106, ICHO 305-D
Sire: Picante  P 1282 (F)
Dame: Juper’s  Katy  ABC 2021
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Gelding: CMR Buddy F
DOB: April 01, 2001
  ABC: eligible  ICHO: eligible
Sire: Picante  ABC  P-1282 (F)
Dame: CMR Moonlight Miracle  C  ABC  TQ-31,  ICHO 140-D
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\"\"Gelding: CMR Soyoo F
DOB:  Aug. 03.2002
  ICHO eligible
Sire: Picante  P-1282 (F)
Dame: Sapphire  BLM mare
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